Who Pays for Wedding Flowers?

A while back, it used to be standard for the bride’s family to pay for every part of the wedding, from the dress to the dessert. Nowadays, more people are sharing the costs, with no set guidelines about who pays for what.

Bel Aire Flowers 538

Many couples are paying for their own weddings, too. With couples getting married later, they may have the financial stability to do this. They also might want to retain ultimate control over the day, even if it means a smaller budget.

Those that do get help from family and friends either have them pay towards the whole thing, or pay for one specific part. While putting money towards the overall budget might be more helpful to some, having specific aspects covered in full might be more of a stress reliever for others.

When it comes to flowers, whether you’re paying for them or somebody else is footing the bill, we work with the couple to find the perfect flowers for the day, and for the budget. If you need flowers for your Wisconsin wedding, get in touch with us today!


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