Wedding buttonholes

Believe it or not, buttonholes for weddings started off as a small group of flowers for the men getting married to ward off evil spirits!  These days however, they are an elegant touch on a wedding day, and a good way of seeing who’s in the wedding party as well.  There is more choice than there ever has been before, and you no longer have to use traditional roses or carnations.

More people are using exotic flowers such as orchids, and they aren’t sticking with the more traditional colors.  As some people are now veering away from more traditional weddings; wearing colors instead of white, different themes and bridesmaid colors as well, there is much more scope to be creative with wedding flowers including buttonholes.  Take as much time as you do on the buttonholes as you do the bouquets; it’s the little touches that can really make a difference when it comes to weddings.  By putting thought into wedding flowers you guarantee you will get something a bit different that stands out from the rest of weddings, and a great and original looking buttonhole for the men in your wedding party can tie them in to the theme of the wedding as well as brighten up any suit.  For more information on unique buttonholes visit our website.Image


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