Flowers Mean So Much

Today when we are planning our wedding we are free to choose our flowers based on our personal preferences.  Maybe a certain flower has sentimental meaning, maybe we are looking for our arrangements to compliment our theme colors and possible we are limited somewhat by what is available in the area where our wedding is and what time of year it is.

large bouquetWhatever influences our choices its hard to picture a wedding without flowers.  They add so much to the decor and having flowers at a wedding is a  tradition almost as old as time.  What kind of bouquet a bride tells so much about her, doesn’t it?

Did you realize though that at one time different types of flowers and plants came to represent emotions and carried specific meanings?  The Society of American Florists has compiled a list on the meanings of flowers from several different sources.  For fun, you may enjoy seeing a few:

  • Azalea-abundance
  • Baby’s Breath=festivity
  • Bachelor Button-anticipaton
  • Carnations:  pink -gratitude    striped-refusal   white-remebrance
  • Daffodil-chivalry
  • Holly-domestic happiness
  • Ivy-fidelity

Though fun to look at, today we aren’t confined to these traditional meanings but flowers can still convey so much. At Bel Aire Flowers we are dedicated to helping you convey the right meaning behind your flower choices.  Please give us a call and let’s chat about your wedding.


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