HOT Wedding Trends for 2015

wedding Season 2015 has officially begun and I have some insight as to what’s the up and coming trends for this year.  Having met with several brides with weddings scheduled for 2015-2016, I can offer you my take on what’s HOT Today!

#1 Hot Trend…SoftColors, whether it be monochromic shades of any color or complimenting color combinations the tone is keep it toned light.  Not to say, there aren’t areas of a wedding like the party per Se… Where you can liven things up with a bold punch of personality.  Overall the wedding parties are keeping it refined and easy.  

#2 Hot Trend …make it personal.  brides are utilizing jeweled accents, dazzle dazzle gems, feathers, brooches. Family heirlooms, remembrance lockets and other items to make their flowers that much more personal.  Each and every bridal bouquet custom designed is exceptionally personal to that bride.  Each flower chosen, every color selected and the style is all hers, why not take it to the next level and add a family loved ones personal item that maybe can’t be with you on your special day.  I’ll never forget the last bride I had with having had her father pass away due to an unfortunate Illness.  I felt this tremendous responsibility to make sure her locket of the two of them was hand seen to the brides bouquet.   You can bet I made it my highest priority to make sure it was done flawlessly.  I felt tearful just thinking of  the feelings this would give my bride while she joined with her soul mate on their new journey together.  It was very comforting knowing, I was able to help in my small way to make that wish happen.  

#3 Hot Trend Get creative with reception flowers.  This isn’t an entirely new concept, however it’s continuing to be really popular.  Brides are still incorporating themes into their wedding from beachy destination weddings to personal careers whether it be a physician or a Firehouse theme.  Couples want to make their day personal to them.  What fun, it’s an area where we can really be creative and shine.  Creating different looks at the reception creates lots of ingest and that “wow” factor when guest walk into the dinning room.  Long gone are the days of keep the look uniform it’s not for everybody.  

#4 Hot Trend -Flower girl Fun.  Having the explosion of “Cinderella” girls are opting for flower girl wands, dangling wrist corsages and fun hair wreaths.  Girly girls love being the center of attention and transforming into the belle of the ball for the wedding day.  Even if they’re the jr vs.  they’re still absolutely adorable! 

#5 Hot Trend- Add some Au Natural.  Brides are loving the addition of Au natural products, such as succulents, herbs, select cabbage or other ornamental plants giving added texture and differentiation to all flowers.  Not to mention these items are super unique and each one varies almost more than fresh blooms do.  Check out ways you can incorporate this trend into your florals, you may be pleasantly surprised how amazing they add a little extra something-something!

That’s all for now…more to come.  Stay posted!


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