HOT Wedding Trends for 2015

wedding Season 2015 has officially begun and I have some insight as to what’s the up and coming trends for this year.  Having met with several brides with weddings scheduled for 2015-2016, I can offer you my take on what’s HOT Today!

#1 Hot Trend…SoftColors, whether it be monochromic shades of any color or complimenting color combinations the tone is keep it toned light.  Not to say, there aren’t areas of a wedding like the party per Se… Where you can liven things up with a bold punch of personality.  Overall the wedding parties are keeping it refined and easy.  

#2 Hot Trend …make it personal.  brides are utilizing jeweled accents, dazzle dazzle gems, feathers, brooches. Family heirlooms, remembrance lockets and other items to make their flowers that much more personal.  Each and every bridal bouquet custom designed is exceptionally personal to that bride.  Each flower chosen, every color selected and the style is all hers, why not take it to the next level and add a family loved ones personal item that maybe can’t be with you on your special day.  I’ll never forget the last bride I had with having had her father pass away due to an unfortunate Illness.  I felt this tremendous responsibility to make sure her locket of the two of them was hand seen to the brides bouquet.   You can bet I made it my highest priority to make sure it was done flawlessly.  I felt tearful just thinking of  the feelings this would give my bride while she joined with her soul mate on their new journey together.  It was very comforting knowing, I was able to help in my small way to make that wish happen.  

#3 Hot Trend Get creative with reception flowers.  This isn’t an entirely new concept, however it’s continuing to be really popular.  Brides are still incorporating themes into their wedding from beachy destination weddings to personal careers whether it be a physician or a Firehouse theme.  Couples want to make their day personal to them.  What fun, it’s an area where we can really be creative and shine.  Creating different looks at the reception creates lots of ingest and that “wow” factor when guest walk into the dinning room.  Long gone are the days of keep the look uniform it’s not for everybody.  

#4 Hot Trend -Flower girl Fun.  Having the explosion of “Cinderella” girls are opting for flower girl wands, dangling wrist corsages and fun hair wreaths.  Girly girls love being the center of attention and transforming into the belle of the ball for the wedding day.  Even if they’re the jr vs.  they’re still absolutely adorable! 

#5 Hot Trend- Add some Au Natural.  Brides are loving the addition of Au natural products, such as succulents, herbs, select cabbage or other ornamental plants giving added texture and differentiation to all flowers.  Not to mention these items are super unique and each one varies almost more than fresh blooms do.  Check out ways you can incorporate this trend into your florals, you may be pleasantly surprised how amazing they add a little extra something-something!

That’s all for now…more to come.  Stay posted!


Selecting a florist for your wedding.  


 When selecting a florist for your wedding there’s a number of factors to keep in mind.  Not all florist shops are equal.  I’m impartial as I own Bel Aire Flowers in West Allis & Menomonee falls so what I’m about to offer you is based on my own stores quality and level of service.  However, having been up front with that, I still have many years experience in dealing with countless brides that can be helpful to anyone planning a wedding or other special event.  

Selecting a florist

Wedding consultations typically last about an hour maybe less depending on your needs.   Schedule your consult 6-12 months before your wedding.  You can schedule it closer to the wedding if it’s a smaller wedding.  At the time of scheduling you should have your ceremony & reception venues along with your wedding colors or theme  chosen.  Firstly, who you book with is the most important decision you will make in creating the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.  There are many options today for brides so do your homework and look thoroughly before signing the dotted line.  In looking for a professional wedding florist take the time to meet with the shop in person and have a consultation.  If the consult is not going as planned or you feel they will not be a good fit for you cut the appt early, politely thank them for their time and move on.  Time is precious for both you and the shop so spend it wisely.  Look around how’s the store presentation, is it clean and well organized? It should be how you envision a flower shop to be.  How’s the service?  Did your phone call or email get answered promptly and courteously?  Again, you should feel well taken care of and important.  Your dealings with anyone you have contact with is a representation of that company good or bad to be taken into consideration.  We pride ourselves on treating every client with professionalism and attention.  We strive to respond to all wedding inquiries or questions promptly.  Being a small business sometimes it hard to respond quickly when it’s busy but we do our best always.  Ask to see the shops portfolio or past client pictures so you can see their work first hand.  Pictures of others work are a nice reference but it’s important the hired professional you chose have the skills to create your vision.  As you know you don’t always get what you pay for in looking at a marketing pix.  With that in mind choose someone your comfortable with and confident in.  

Getting ready for your consultation

Be prepared have your list handy of the flowers you’re thinking of having.  If you’re unsure what you’ll need ask for a planning list or find one online, they’re very handy.  Do some surfing, web surfing that is and copy or bookmark wedding color schemes or design themes you like.  You can also use apps like Pintrest to organize your information.  During your consult you can show your florist things you like which gives them great insight as to recommendations they should make.  During your time in your consultation discuss what your vision is and give the florist your likes and dislikes.  Communication is key in getting what you want and not leaving anything to chance.  If you have a wedding budget, disclose it.  In doing so you’ll  give your shop an idea of how to make recommendations.  If your budget doesn’t hit the mark you can always decide to adjust it accordingly.  Keep an open mind to suggestions.  A good florist can help you get the biggest impact utilizing their experience and creativity.  Sit back, relax and let the planning flow.  

Have any questions for us?  We would love to hear from you.  Please let us know if we can help you with your wedding or special event.  

Choosing Centerpieces For Your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding day, centerpieces are one of the most important ways to display gorgeous flowers. Along with the bridal bouquet, they’re the floral arrangements that your guests will most look forward to seeing, and that will most define the style of your wedding.


Of course, there are many different styles of centerpieces. Depending on your wedding’s style or theme, you might want to opt for something big or small, bright or subdued.

There are also multiple ways of displaying floral centerpieces. The most common way, of course, is a traditional vase. You can add extra interest to your centerpieces with a colored glass vase, which will nicely set off the flowers you have chosen.



A tall vase can be a dramatic choice, and can allow your guests to easily see each other across the table. You can also opt for a bowl style presentation, where the flowers are kept lower. This can be a great choice if you want to include foliage.


Whatever presentation you choose, great centerpieces begin with a great florist. If you’re looking for the perfect Milwaukee florist for your wedding, get in touch with us today!

Should Your Bouquet Have More Than Flowers?

A bridal bouquet can be beautiful in many different ways, and that can mean including some non-floral elements. This is a wonderful way to add creative touches to your bouquets, and tie the bouquet into your theme.


One popular choice is to include sparkly elements, such as crystals. This gives a bit of extra visual interest to your bouquet. When the light hits your bouquet, crystals or glitter touches can make it seem to light up from within.

You can also include decorative elements like butterflies. These can give a natural effect as you walk down the aisle. They can also be included in centerpieces for a lovely addition to your tables.


Of course, many bouquets combine many different elements to come up with a gorgeous design. Every bride, and every wedding, is unique and the bouquets should be, too.

If you’re planning a wedding in the Milwaukee area, give us a call today to find out how we can help you design the perfect bouquet for you!

Flowers for the Groom

Chances are good that you’ve thought about what flowers you want in your bouquet, but haven’t given much thought to what flowers your groom is going to wear. While it might not require the same amount of thought, there are plenty of options available.


  • A classic single rose. This might be the most traditional bloom for the groom — and the other male members of the wedding party — to wear. It’s elegant, but still relatively understated. It can also come in a variety of colors to match your scheme.
  • Dazzling orchids. For something a bit more exotic, consider an orchid or two. They have a bit more to them than most single bloom styles, so are great for a tuxedo with tails, or a style with a cravat that will overwhelm a smaller style.
    Green flowers
  • A combination of flowers and greenery. This can be done in almost any size, and can give a great effect. The look is almost of a small bouquet, which can add some extra interest to the style.

Whatever style you’re considering, get in touch to find out how we can help with the flowers for your Wisconsin wedding.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso Wedding Flowers

Congratulations go out to Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso!  This A-List couple renewed their vows after eight blissful years of marriage.  The couple’s daughters — Isabella, 6, Gia, 4, and Stella, 2, wore light-colored dresses to match their mom’s beautiful cream-colored gown featuring a sequined belt at the waist.  After a short, 15-minute ceremony, guests — who all wore shades of cream and ivory — were escorted onto the beach in front of a completely rented out Sugar Beach Resort for a cocktail reception.

matt damon wedding renewal
Photo courtesy of ABC

Our question, of course, is what flowers donned Luciana and the girls wedding bouquets?  Sad to say, we couldn’t find any photos of Mrs. “Born Identity’s” wedding flowers.  BUT, taking into account that Luciana Barroso is from Salta, Argentina and that her and Matt Damon met behind a bar in Miami, we imagine that her wedding bouquet would look a bit like this:

Is this Luciana Barroso wedding bouquet

What do you think?  Does this reflect Luciana Barroso’s beauty and grace?   We think so!  If you’re interested in such a wedding bouquet for yourself, please give us a call and let’s talk about your style and grace.

Spring Bouquet Ideas

Spring is a great time of year for flowers. Everything goes into bloom and there are plenty of gorgeous, fragrant flowers available. Choosing your wedding flowers is a big part of setting your decor, and different wedding styles will call for different types of flowers.

Spring Wedding Flowers

A formal wedding needs a more formal floral style. Roses are perfect for traditional weddings, and can be used alone or along with other blooms. Another choice is to use bulbs such as tulips and daffodils, both of which are just coming into bloom now.

For a rustic wedding, wildflowers, feverfew, and peonies can be combined with roses for a great effect. They can be tied in a loose bouquet, and are also perfect for placing around your venue.

Another wedding favorite is the hydrangea. These bright, big, and beautiful flowers come in a few different varieties, and can range from white to a deep blue. This makes them a great choice with a romantic touch.

Whatever style wedding you’re planning, there’s a perfect bouquet for you. Come by our shop or give us a call to discuss what marvelous blooms we have for you.

Flowers for Your Wedding Colors

Having provided flowers for Milwaukee and Waukesha weddings for over 50 years, here at Bel Aire Flowers we know how important it is to have the bouquets fit your color scheme. Many brides think that their only choice is white flowers, especially if they have chosen unusual wedding colors.

Whether you have wedding colors of pinks and reds, blues and greens, or even blacks and grays, there are plenty of flowers for you to choose from. There’s also a growing trend towards metallic tones for wedding colors.

Blue and Silver Flowers

When we work with you on your wedding flowers, we can offer you a wide range of creative options. Adding in decorative touches, such as crystals or other jewel styles can also allow your flowers to catch the light and really stand out.

We also know that budgets can vary, so we offer a variety of ways to keep your wedding costs affordable. Whether you choose rental vases and card boxes, or something else, we have ways to make your wedding dollars stretch.

To get started, get in touch with us to arrange a free consultation today!